Virgin Mary


As you take the time to explore our website, you can draw a conclusion that we are a very active parish. Assumption BVM is a tight-knit family of faith, dedicated to our Blessed Mother, Mary. We are disciples of Jesus, who worship God and love our neighbor. As you get a “glimpse” of our many activities, I encourage and invite you to experience our family, and enhance our family by sharing your talents and gifts.

Reverend Mike Davis





Keeping Christ in Christmas
Are you a Parent, Grandparent or Godparent?  What Christmas gifts have you planned or bought that convey that Christmas is a religious celebration? Consider religious DVD’s, storybooks, bibles. Find calendars that have psalm verses or creation scenes. If you shop from
home, either on-line or by phone, check out these great places to shop. You will find gifts to support the faith journey of everyone on your list.
Wee Believers—great new ideas for infants and young children.
Catholic Child - Gifts for toddlers through teens. or 1-800-363-2233.
Pauline Books and Media - books, CDs, DVDs, for all ages. or 1-800-876-4463
American Magazine - Jesuit publication on current topics. or (800) 627-9533
The Word Among Us. or (800) 775—9673

Parish Guide Book Directory
Our new Parish Guide Book Directory has Arrived.  If you are a new parishioner, having registered since July, please call or stop by the rectory to get your copy.

Men Who Cook
At ABVM April 28th, 2018 “Men Who Cook” is a competition among amateur chiefs who are men. The judges for the Black Tie - Optional Event will be women who work in the food industry. The evening will include drinks, music, dancing and live and silent auction items. So, if you or someone you know is an amateur chef, please encourage them to inquire about the details. For more information, contact or Call Father Kelly @ 215-357-1221, ext. 29. Don’t forget to mark your calendars.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Advent Reconciliation Services
Along with our regular weekly Confession schedule, the Assumption BVM Church’s Advent Reconciliation Service will take place on Saturday, December 16th from 10 to 11:30 AM.


Script will be sold in the back of the Church at all of the weekend Masses.  Make your holiday shopping easy and support our parish by purchasing gift cards from the many stores available.