As you take the time to explore our website, you can draw a conclusion that we are a very active parish. Assumption BVM is a tight-knit family of faith, dedicated to our Blessed Mother, Mary. We are disciples of Jesus, who worship God and love our neighbor. As you get a “glimpse” of our many activities, I encourage and invite you to experience our family, and enhance our family by sharing your talents and gifts.

Reverend Mike Davis





The Little Sisters of the Poor
The Little Sisters of the Poor have been serving and caring for the needy elderly in Philadelphia for 146 years. They will be visiting us appealing for your financial assistance to support their work. Saint Jeanne Jugan’s vision of ‘family’ influenced her approach to the apostolate. For Jeanne, family reached its full expression in the charism of hospitality (our fourth vow) to the needy elderly. She was not satisfied to merely visit the poor—she carried an infirm and blind old woman home, gave her her own bed and embraced her as a member of her family. Though so poor that they lived “hand to mouth,” the first Little Sisters often sacrificed their own comfort and even basic necessities, to provide for the needs of the elderly. Jeanne Jugan’s definition of “family spirit” is found in the heart of each Little Sister ready and willing to do all that is possible to “make the elderly happy” until their last breath.
Your support is greatly appreciated and is God’s visible providential assistance to the poor. The Sisters will be at the church exits after each Mass on the weekend of July 4 and 5th.

The 2016 MASS BOOK
The 2016 Mass Intention Book is now open. To arrange for an announced Mass, come to the Rectory Monday through Friday 9 AM—4:00 PM.

Office for Child and Youth Protection Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Checks & Clearances - As clergy, staff or volunteers of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, YOU are the first line of defense in the Archdiocese’s commitment to keep the children in its care safe from abuse.
Compliance Guidelines - The following guidelines are reflective of the 2015 changes to Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law and Archdiocesan Policy for the Protection of Children and Young People
Effective July 1, 2015 - Archdiocesan policy requires all Church personnel including priest, religious, deacon, pastoral minister, employee, school employee, parish employee, contract employee must obtain clearances, as required by Pennsylvania law. This includes any individual 14 years of age or older applying for or in a paid position as an employee responsible for the welfare of a child or having direct contact with children. Additionally, all volunteers (unpaid) who may have any possible contact with or responsibility for children. Archdiocesan compliance guidelines state that clearances should be submitted prior to the commencement of employment or volunteer service. There are certain circumstances under which provisional status might be approved. During the provisional period, individuals are not permitted to work alone with children.
Required Clearances - The following clearances must be obtained by employees: Federal Bureau of Investigation Fingerprint Clearance, Pennsylvania State Police Clearance, Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance.
Please note: The state has strengthened the Child Protective Services Law (CLPSL). Some individuals who were not previously required to obtain the FBI Fingerprint Clearance must obtain it now. Exceptions can no longer be made, related to the start date.Anyone who is a paid staff member must have all clearances. The following clearances must be obtained by volunteers living in PA for less than 10 years: Federal Bureau of Investigation Fingerprint Clearance Pennsylvania State Police Clearance Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance.

World Meeting of Families

The 8th World Meeting of Families is in Philadelphia from September 22-27,
It culminates with a Pope 
Francis visit on September 26th and the Papal Mass on September 27th. Families are gifts and these days promise an awesome renewal of family life. Fr. Mike and the Pastoral Council want as many of you as possible to participate. More details will follow. Parishes are asked to contribute to this event. Throughout the summer you will find envelopes in the pews, and you are asked to donate to help with the expenses of this phenomenal event. Fr. Mike and the Pastoral Council want to help families to attend the week long conferences at the Convention Center with some financial assistance if necessary. Please look for more information in the near future.

PREP (Parish Religious Education Program)

Registration for the 2015-2016 school year is now in  process. Please call the Religious Education Office at 215-357-3445 for a registration packet if you fall  into any of these categories:
• a child entering first grade in public school in September
• a child attending private school who will celebrate Sacraments in Spring 2016.
• recently moved into the parish and have children entering grades 1-6
• older children who need preparation to celebrate Sacraments
• children entering grades 1-6 transferring from St. Katharine Drexel Regional School.
We also have openings for catechists and helpers for Sunday and Monday PREP. Tuition waivers are available for volunteers. If interested, please call
215-357-3445 so we can get your clearances and  training started.


Registrations for the 2015 Viking Cheerleading Team are now open. If interested in participating, contact Deb Tumpak, Cheerleading Coordinator via phone at 215-953-0590 or email

Monte Carlo Night

Save the Date On October 3, 2015 for the 3rd annual Assumption BVM/CYO Monte Carlo/Night at the Races.
Come on out with friends and family to enjoy a night of drinking, dining and gambling. Games of chance not your thing? You can bet on the ponies. Watch the Church bulletin, the ABVM CYO Facebook page and our website for more information. If you are interested in helping out, please contact any CYO Board member or Deb Tumpak at: